The patent pending PRECISION® Guide helps position the K–wire from the head of the first metatarsal to the talus and allows a 2.0 mm thick Gorilla® Straddle Plate to set the trajectory for a beam to pass through without hitting any on-axis plate screws.  The 2.0 mm thick Gorilla® Straddle Plate is also used to further reinforce the final construct. The Joust™ PRECISION® now offers surgeons the ability to reduce the joints along the medial column following placement of the K-wire.  This instrument may allow for reduced interoperative fluoroscopy time and offers the surgeon the ability to place the preferred beam (cannulated or solid; fully or partially threaded) through the guide while maintaining reduction along the medial column.

The Joust™ Beaming Screw System is made up of 5.0, 5.5, and 7.2 mm, solid and cannulated beams. The beams are Type II Anodized Ti-64AI-4V for improved fatigue strength. All beams have a sharp tip for ease of insertion and are offered headless to minimize prominence. The system offers partially threaded and fully threaded options to allow for compression or increased thread purchase depending on the surgical requirements and anatomy.