ARROW Shoulder System

The ARROW shoulder system is a lateralized shoulder platform with a MB convertible glenoid.

The ARROW shoulder system provides surgeons with greater flexibility in their therapeutic arsenal for shoulder reconstruction.

It allows surgeons to implant a reverse, reverse fracture, anatomical (4-peg cemented glenoid or cementless metal-back baseplate), anatomical fracture or revision prosthesis with the same set of instruments. The instrumentation set consists of four instrument baskets.

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The lateral winglet of the metal-back baseplate provides stability, improves the primary fixation and allows a third transversal optional cortical screw.

The 44R metal-back glenoid long post baseplate allows a cortical fixation through the native spine of the glenoid. The passage of the long post in the sub-scapular abyss does not present risks for the tissues; it even confers a higher stability and primary fixation of the implant.

The 44R metal-back glenoid long post baseplate is very helpful to prevent glenoid loosening in case of massive bone loss or osteoporotic bone, for type B2 and C glenoids where bone graft is needed and for revision cases where it allows a one-step surgery.

Product Description

  • The stems with 135° neck-shaft angle can all be used with and without cement for hemiarthroplasty, total anatomical and reverse shoulder arthroplasty
  • Fully compatible fracture stems available
  • Centered and off-centered anatomical heads
  • Onlay reverse humeral inserts in 3 heights (00, +05, +10)
  • Cemented glenoids with 4 pegs
  • Metal-back glenoids base with keel and anteroposterior tab in 5 sizes (44S, 44, 44R, 46, 48) with two Ø5.5 mm compression screws
  • Glenosphere in 3 sizes (36, 39, 42)
  • Glenoid inlays compatible with the metal-back glenoids
  • Humeral lateral offset: 15 mm
  • Glenoid lateral offset: 7 mm

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