HammerTube™ Hammertoe System

HammerTube™ is a single piece titanium sprayed PEEK implant intended for use in PIP joint fusions that allows maintaining compression at the joint over time to promote primary fusion, rather than a fibrous union.

The HammerTube™ implant is coated both proximally and distally with porous titanium spray to increase mechanical fixation on either side of the joint when compared to uncoated implants¹. It creates a greater friction coefficient than uncoated PEEK allowing the implant to resist rotational and pullout forces.

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The HammerTube™ implant will bend, not break the branches of surrounding trabecular bone, providing and optimal environment for fixation in order to achieve fusion. If a patient stubs his toe, PEEK will break before bone, avoiding potential catastrophic failure.

The HammerTube™ implant is implanted in its final form – it will not expand or extend within the canal, eliminating any chance of inter-op complications or failures.

The central portion of the HammerTube™ implant is uncoated allowing it to be cut at the joint space to facilitate removal. In order to streamline removal, dedicated easyouts and trephines are included in the removal system. The sheer strength of the plasma spray to the PEEK material is greater than the sheer strength of the plasma spray to bone. Thus the plasma spray will stick to the PEEK during removal.

1 Kurtz S, Devine, J PEEK Biomaterials in Trauma, Orthopedic, and Spinal Implants Biomaterials. 2007 Nov; 28 (32): 4845-4869.

Product Description

The HammerTube™ Hammertoe System offers surgeons four different configurations for use in the stabilization and fixation of small bones:

  • 2.75 mm, straight
  • 2.75 mm, 10° angled
  • 3.50 mm, straight
  • 3.50 mm, 10° angled

The HammerTube™ implant is cannulated to accommodate a K-Wire for additional fixation within the DIP and TMT.

All instrumentation in the system is cannulated to accommodate either a trocar or guidewire.

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