PROMO Proximal Rotational Metatarsal Osteotomy

The PROMO™ Tri-planar Hallux Valgus System contains a series of custom jigs and implants designed to measure, construct and fixate an osteotomy on the proximal aspect of the first metatarsal.

The single oblique cut allows rotation of the distal aspect of the metatarsal to simultaneously correct metatarsal internal rotation and varus deformity with no wedge resection.

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The PROMO system was designed with the understanding that up to 87% of hallux valgus deformities contain a rotational deformity. This rotational deformity¹, if not corrected may play a role in higher recurrence rates².

With a mission to create a streamlined and reproducible solution to correct all deformity parameters of hallux valgus, including rotation, PROMO™ came into existence.

1 Kim Y, Kim JS, Young KW, et al. A new measure of tibial sesamoid position
in hallux valgus in relation to the coronal rotation of the first metatarsal in CT scans.
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2 Okuda R, Kinoshita M, et al. The shape of the lateral edge of the first
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Product Description

The PROMO® System includes 8 specific straight and angled plates.

Each screw hole accommodates a locking or non-locking 2.0 or 2.5 mm Baby Gorilla Plate screw.  The locking screws are designed to allow for up to 15° off-axis locking placement.

The system allows for pre-operative planning

PROMO™ includes a PRECISION® guided system which enables the user to place a cross screw across the osteotomy while avoiding hardware collision with the plating construct.

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