Taylor Stitcher®

The Taylor Stitcher® is a tool designed for the arthroscopic reconstruction of rotator cuff injuries using a transosseous approach.

The transosseous tunnel is easily created by the STN Superelastic Transosseus Needle (1.9mm nitinol needle), specifically designed to protect the cortical area and which creates a curved transverse tunnel. Multiple tunnels may be created.

It can be combined with Elite-SPK®, a “Tunnel Augmentation” system in cases of poor bone quality (osteopenia), massive lesions combined with osteoporotic bone, tuber cyst and other limited cases in general.

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The buttonhole at the tip of the STN needle allows you to drag a shuttle wire or a high-strength wire in the transosseous tunnel, with which you can subsequently approach the repair of the cuff, with a classic method.

The Taylor Stitcher® is indicated in the treatment of rotator cuff repair, from minimal to massive lesions, and ensures a constant and predictable cost for all cuff repairs while safeguarding biological compliance and treatment quality.


STN Superelastic Transosseus Needle®

The key component of the Taylor Stitcher® system is a sterile and disposable nitinol needle.  The STN needle’s multi-curved profile, guided by the Taylor Stitcher instrument, allows the creation of transosseous tunnels with an entry hole of only 2mm and an exit hole in the footprint area.

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