TELEGRAPH has a self-stabilising locking feature for anterograde intramedullary nailing of the humerus.

Because of its linear shape and small diameter, it can be implanted through the rotator cuff.

TELEGRAPH is available in short and long versions, in different diameters and lengths.

By implanting a long nail, an intermediate positionner reduces the lever arm created by an axis stress applied on the nail and thus facilitate the distal locking.

Product Description

TELEGRAPH is available in short and long versions.


This nail can be used with several techniques to treat 2- and 3-fragment fractures:
– percutaneous for extra-articular fractures
– standard for valgus-impacted intra-articular fractures
– optional for non-impacted or even dislocated 3- and 4-fragment fractures when a prosthesis is feasible

Diameters: 7 – 8 – 9 mm / Length: 150 mm


Its primary diameter (7 mm) makes it one of the thinnest nails on the market.
It has an assisted distal locking feature and can either be used in a static or elastic configuration. Its designing surgeons strongly recommend elastic distal locking.

Diameters: 7 – 8 mm / Lengths: 210 – 230 – 250 – 270 mm

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