TITAN 3-D Wedge System

The TITAN 3-D Wedge System includes Evans and Cotton porous titanium wedges and provides an alternative to allograft/autograft bone for an Evans Calcaneal Osteotomy for lateral column lengthening or for a Cotton Osteotomy for plantar flexion of the medial cuneiform.

Each wedge has a central opening which allows for passage of a 3.5 or 4.0mm screw across the osteotomy to help increase stability of the construct.

The open geometry with a three-dimensional scaffold allows for blood entry, bone through growth and the incorporation of biologics, if used.

Both systems are designed to help prevent soft tissue irritation and provide anatomic fit.

The tapered nose helps to aid in implant insertion. Spikes on both sides of implant minimize the chance of implant expulsion.

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TITAN 3-D Evans Wedges

The dorsal to plantar taper design allows for plantar ligament stress reduction and the lateral to medial taper for lateral column lengthening.

TITAN 3-D Cotton Wedges

The dorsal to plantar design allows for deformity correction. The rounded lateral corner allows for anatomic fit inside cuneiform.

Product Description

The TITAN 3-D Wedge System includes 4 Evans small wedges (6-12 mm), 4 Evans large wedges (6-12 mm) and 4 Cotton wedges (5-8 mm).

Material: titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V).

Patented Precision Guides are provided to ensure accurate and consistent placement of the crossing screw.

The system also includes resection guides which limit excessive bone removal if explantation is required.

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