PHANTOM Lapidus IM Nail System

The Phantom® Intramedullary Nail provides surgeons with an unique intramedullary option for bunion surgery and correcting hallux valgus at the first TMT joint.

The nail and threaded peg construct offer crossed screw fixation proximally and distally, generating a higher compressive force across the fusion site compared to traditional plate and screws. The zero profile design minimizes soft tissue disruption of the first metatarsal and medial cuneiform, damage to the periosteum.

The Lapidus Nail is designed to resist both recurrent hallux valgus and plantar gapping. It provides a structurally sound construct capable of accepting greater forces across the fusion site without migration.

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PHANTOM Nail Science

Load vs. Displacement

Internal bench testing was completed to assess the stiffness of three constructs at the 1st TMT Joint: Dorsal Plating, Straight Medial Plating and Intramedullary Nail.

Direction of Forces

• Dorsal Plating is strongest in a horizontal direction and weakest in a vertical direction. Lacking compression in this vertical direction has been shown to result in plantar gapping following dorsal placement of the plate.

• Straight Medial Plating is strongest in a vertical direction and weakest in a horizontal direction. The lack of compression horizontally has been shown to result in recurrent hallux valgus as the first metatarsal may redirect medially following placement of the plate.

• Intramedullary Nails show the same strength regardless of direction. The Phantom® Lapidus Nail is designed to resist both recurrent hallux valgus and plantar gapping.

Product Description

The titanium alloy Lapidus Nail is 5.5 mm in diameter, available in 12 options ranging from 38 mm to 60 mm in 2 mm increments. The system offers 3.5 mm threaded pegs and 3.5 mm threaded locking pegs.

The Phantom® Lapidus IM Nail instrumentation system provides unique targeting guides for precise placement and position of the nail and pegs into a highly vascularized environment with minimal soft tissue irritation.

The polyaxial “claw shaped” guide facilitates the proper entry and angulation for drilling through the first metatarsal, TMT joint and into the medial cuneiform for proper nail placement and length. The outrigger and the outrigger slide allow targeting, drilling and entry of the pegs through the nail.

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